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Two Boston Guys Whack Up A Pie

Mar 31, 2021

Jimmy and Tony have a whole lot to talk about. They cover spinning dicks, computers, the Suez Canal, Storrow Drive, dogs, tires, aliens and Kid Rock. There's probably a lot more that I'm not even remembering.

Mar 24, 2021

This week, besides the principal with no principles, Jimmy and Tony cover a lot of ground. They've got tire rotation, cinnamon toast crunch, morons and hot nurses.

Mar 19, 2021

Jimmy and Tony have some interesting and funny things to say this week. They heroically overcame technical challenges just to make you laugh.

Mar 10, 2021

Tony is topless again. Where is he, and what is he up to? Once those questions get answered, Jimmy and Tony get you caught up on the important news of the week.

Mar 3, 2021

What do Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head and Taylor Swift have in common? They are all being discussed on this week's episode.